The following is a collection of AQA resources and selected external weblinks intended to assist New Zealand universities in facilitating excellent student experience and learning outcomes. These pages relate to each of the seven academic activity themes of Cycle 5, plus the overarching topic of 'self-review'. Resources will be added on a regular basis, including the addition of commended practice from Cycle 5 academic audits of New Zealand universities. It should be noted that useful and relevant resources are not necessarily limited to those included here. In addition, because of the historical and reflective nature of audit, new or different practices may have emerged including within universities not identified here.

Please note: Where a resource does not derive from an AQA activity, we offer these on the basis that have been assessed or validated by another reputable agency. Readers should note that good practice takes place in context; any activity identified as good practice must be assessed by potential users for relevance and applicability to the context in which it might be used.

Theme 1: Leadership and management of teaching and learning

Theme 2: Student profile: access, transition and admission processes

Theme 3: Curriculum and assessment

Theme 4: Student engagement and achievement

Theme 5: Student feedback and support

Theme 6: Teaching quality

Theme 7: Supervision of research students