Cycle 5 academic audits (2013 - 2016)

Cycle 5 academic audits of New Zealand universities commenced in the second half of 2013. Further information is available from the brochure: Cycle 5 Academic Audit Framework. Printed copies are available on request.

Indicative site visit timings for Cycle 5 academic audits of New Zealand universities are as follows:


University Cycle 5 site visit Published audit report
Massey University November 2013 March 2014
University of Auckland July 2014 November 2014
Victoria University of Wellington August 2014 December 2014
University of Canterbury November 2014 March 2015
University of Waikato August 2015 December 2015
AUT University November 2015 April 2016
University of Otago May 2016 September 2016
Lincoln University August 2016  December 2016 

Cycle 5 Academic Audit Handbook for Universities. Note: final requirements and timelines for Cycle 5 audits will be confirmed with individual universities.

Cycle 5 is framed around academic activities related to teaching and learning and student support, and focuses on key academic activities and quality assurance processes which might be expected as fundamental in a contemporary university of good standing. Seven key Academic Activity Themes form the framework for both self-review and the academic audit:

  1. Leadership and Management of Teaching and Learning
  2. Student Profile: Access, Transition and Admission Processes
  3. Curriculum and Assessment
  4. Student Engagement and Achievement
  5. Student Feedback and Support
  6. Teaching Quality
  7. Supervision of Research Students.

Under each of these Activities, the framework articulates guideline statements against which universities will undertake their self-review and will be evaluated by audit panels. For each Academic Activity Theme, universities should address not just whether they do undertake the activities or processes identified in the guideline statements, but also evaluate how well they do so, and on what evidence they base their own self-evaluation.

Last updated: 13 December 2016