Academic Quality Agency for New Zealand Universities

AQA provides external academic quality assurance for all New Zealand universities via a regular cycle of audits. It also supports quality enhancement activities that assist universities to improve student engagement, academic experience and learning outcomes.

Quality assurance in New Zealand universities is underpinned by key principles including being: reviewed by peers; based on evidence, externally benchmarked, and enhancement-led.

Information on Cycle 6 Academic Audit for New Zealand Universities is available here, and further information on the Cycle 6 Enhancement Theme is available here.




Upcoming Events  

Quality Forum 
31 October 2019 in Wellington 
Further information to come here 
Enhancement Theme Symposium
1 November 2019 in Wellington
Further information to come here 
Student Voice Summit
14 November 2019 in Wellington 

 Guides to Cycle 6

Guides to Cycle 6 Academic Audit are now available here.

AQA Auditors & Reviewers

AQA is seeking applications to join the Cycle 6 Register of Auditors and Reviewers. Applications should address the Criteria for appointment and be accompanied by a short CV.


AQA Newsletter - June 2019

The lastest AQA Newsletter is now available here.
Previous newsletters can be found here.