Quality Enhancement

Quality enhancement is part of AQA’s purpose and being enhancement-led is an underpinning principle of quality assurance.

AQA’s quality enhancement activities include:
- audit processes that encourage universities to identify their own enhancement initiative.
- making enhancement-oriented recommendations in audit reports.
- requiring follow-up reports from universities of their progress in addressing recommendations.
- support for the Cycle 6 universities’ enhancement theme.
- communications – including this website and AQA newsletters.
events that encourage the development and sharing of good practice in academic quality and upcoming events.

Enhancement Theme

An enhancement theme was a new component of Cycle 6. Further information is available on a dedicated website.

Good Practice Assesment

In response to the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic and associated New Zealand Government direction, New Zealand universities moved rapidly to deliver courses and programmes online. AQA will undertake a good practice assessment of online teaching in universities during the COVID-19 period and identify lessons for the future. This good practice assessment will focus on the pivot to and experience of online teaching.

The outline for the good practice assessment is available here