Quality Enhancement

AQA's mission includes an objective to assist universities in facilitating excellent student experience and learning outcomes. AQA undertakes this quality enhancement role in a variety of ways, including by identifying and commending national and international good practice in regard to academic quality assurance and quality enhancement.

Academic audits of New Zealand universities have a quality enhancement as well as a quality assurance purpose. Audit reports include commendations which identify good practices; these might in turn be an impetus for ongoing enhancement. Post-audit cycle summaries bring together common themes and good practice examples from each audit cycle.  Cycle 6 Academic Audit introduces an Enhancement Theme in which universities will address an issue that is both a strategic priority for universities and of national importance. The enhancement theme topic for Cycle 6 is “Access, outcomes and opportunity for Māori students and for Pasifika students”.

AQA facilitates regular workshops and meetings for New Zealand university staff involved in academic quality management. In May 2013, AQA held its first 'Support for Quality' Conference and this has occurred annually since, with the most recent conference held in Wellington on 28 September 2017