Cycle 4 academic audits (2008 - 2012)

The audits in Cycle 4 were full institutional audits, and were administered over the period 2008-2012. Audit panels were comprised of auditors from the Cycle 4 Auditor Register and an overseas external member.


UniversityCycle 4 timelinePublished audit report
Massey UniversityAug - Sept 2008December 2008
University of AucklandApril - May 2009August 2009
Victoria University of WellingtonJuly - Aug 2009November 2009
University of CanterburyApril - June 2010August 2010
University of WaikatoJune - July 2010November 2010
Auckland University of TechnologyMarch - June 2011September 2011
University of OtagoAug - Oct 2011March 2012
Lincoln UniversityApril - July 2012October 2012

Focus and framework:

The process of audit required a self-assessment which informed a self-review report (structured with respect to the Cycle 4 indicative framework as set down in the Cycle 4 audit manual). In the self-review report, the University evaluated its progress towards achieving its goals and objectives related to the focus of the audit, identified areas for improvement, and detailed intended plans, strategies and activities with respect to enhancement initiatives. The report was the foundation of the Audit Portfolio, which included key supplementary documents identified by the University.

After examining the Portfolio, and seeking further information if necessary, the Audit Panel conducted interviews during a site visit to the University to seek verification of materials read, and to inform an audit report which was structured in accordance with the indicative framework. The report commended good practice and made recommendations intended to assist the University in its own programme of continuous improvement of quality and added value in the activities which were the focus of Cycle 4 audit.

Soon after the publication of the audit report, the Panel Chair and NZUAAU (now AQA) Director discussed with the University the preferred procedures to be used in the follow-up to audit and the monitoring of follow-up activities. A formal report against the audit recommendations is required one year after the public release of Cycle 4 audit reports.