Academic audit

AQA carries out periodic audits of New Zealand universities.

Five cycles of academic audit have been completed:

  • Cycle 1 1995-1998 – Whole of institution
  • Cycle 2 2000-2001 – Research, and a theme chosen by the institution
  • Cycle 3 2002-2007 – Teaching and Learning
  • Cycle 4 2008-2012 – Whole of institution
  • Cycle 5 2013-2016 - Whole-of-institution with a focus on teaching and learning and student support.

Cycle 6 Academic Audit commenced in 2017, with a scope of teaching, learning, support and outcomes for students.

AQA also carries out occasional theme audits; for example, an audit of Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students on behalf of the Ministry of Education in 2008.

Academic audit reports for Cycle 4 and Cycle 5 are available from the Reports and Papers section of this website. For information about earlier audit reports, please contact us.