Enhancement Theme Symposium 2019

A second AQA Enhancement Theme Symposium was held on Wednesday 1st November 2019, at Massey University's Pukeahu Campus in Wellington. A dedicated Enhancement Theme Website has been developed with links to resources from the Symposium available online.

The Symposium provided an opportunity for members of university senior leadership teams, academics, professional staff and students, engaged with the topic of the theme - access, outcomes and opportunities for Māori students and for Pasifika students - to share and critique initiatives and approaches. Comprised of Plenary Sessions and Workshops, the Symposium focused on sharing experience, considering what could be achieved and exploring the impact of doing things differently. 

The topic for the Symposium was ‘Evidence and Evaluation’ and the objectives for the Symposium were to:

  1. Learn about current research and practice in evaluating initiatives from Māori perspectives and from Pasifika perspectives, 
  2. Share models, approaches and challenges, and 
  3. Develop principles and frameworks for evaluation. 



Māori and Pasifika panel members responding to questions about evaluating programmes or initiatives that support their success. 


 The audience engaging with a panel discussion around evaluating Pasifika initiatives. 

 Workshop discussion between academics, staff, tauira Māori and Pasifika.

 Small Group session discussing principles to guide evaluation of success.