AQA's 25th Anniversary

The Academic Quality Agency for New Zealand Universities (AQA) celebrated its 25th Anniversary in November 2018.

A copy of the commemorative booklet can be found here, and includes reflections on AQA and the New Zealand Universities Academic Audit Unit (NZUAAU) from current and former Chairs and Directors.

If you would like a hard copy of this booklet, please email



AQA Chair, Emeritus Professor Pat Walsh, gives a speech to mark the occassion.
AQA Executive Director, Emeritus Professor Sheelagh Matear.
Emeritus Professor Pat Walsh cuts the cake to mark 25 years of AQA.
Emeritus Professor Les Holborow (former AQA Chair), Lindsay Taiaroa (former Universities NZ Executive Director) and Chris Whelan (current Universities NZ Chief Executive).
Dr Jan Cameron (former AQA Director) and Heather Kirkwood (former AQA Deputy Director).
Rebecca Meinders-Sykes (AQA Academic Quality Support & Administration Officer) and Emeritus Professor Sheelagh Matear
AQA Chairs past and present - Professors Emeriti Pat Walsh, Les Holborow and David Mackay.
Associate Professor Hon. Luamanuvao Dame Winne Laban and Professor Wendy Larner.
Dr Alison Kuiper, Helen Lomax and Emeritus Professor Sheelagh Matear.