Good Practice Assessment of Online Teaching in Universities in Aotearoa New Zealand during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Lessons for the Future

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Reports & Publications
Publication date: 
June 2021

Universities in Aotearoa New Zealand began responding to the global COVID-19 pandemic from January 2020. Initially, their responses were focussed on supporting students unable to travel to Aotearoa New Zealand. However, the New Zealand Government initiation of the COVID-19 Alert Level system and the moves to Alert Level 3 on 23 March 2020 and Alert Level 4 on 25 March 2020 meant that universities needed to address maintaining teaching and learning and support activities for all students. Universities recognised that a great deal would be learnt from their responses to the pandemic and agreed a scope for a ‘Good Practice Assessment’ to help capture practices and collectively develop lessons for the future. This report is compiled from the ‘Good Practice Assessment’ reports provided by each of the eight universities and contributes to the collective record of universities’ responses to the pandemic.

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