Process Review of Cycle 5

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Reports & Publications
Cycle 5 Audits
Publication date: 
January 2018

The Academic Quality Agency for New Zealand Universities (AQA) undertakes academic audits of universities as part of its external quality assurance responsibilities. 

Between 2013 and 2016 AQA undertook a fifth cycle of academic audits, focusing on teaching and learning and student support, including postgraduate students.  AQA seeks feedback on its own activities and uses that feedback to help inform future developments.  This paper provides a review of Cycle 5 Academic Audit with reference to the coverage of the audit framework and audit processes.  It first examines the coverage of the Cycle 5 Audit Framework, drawing on feedback from audit panel members and universities, alignment with other frameworks and commendations, affirmations and recommendations elicited through use of the Cycle 5 Framework.  It then uses feedback from panel members and universities to review audit processes, before presenting conclusions and implications.  Lessons for Cycle 6 are identified throughout the paper. 

AQA would like to thank universities and audit panel members who provided feedback on their experiences of Cycle 5 Academic Audit and those who reviewed drafts of this paper.