AQA Support for Quality Conference 2013

On 1 May 2013, AQA held a 'Support for Quality' Conference in Auckland. Preceded by a half-day workshop on Cycle 5 academic audits, the Conference included presentations and discussion sessions spanning a wide range of academic activity themes. The day was attended by representatives of all New Zealand universities, as well as participants from several universities and agencies in the Pacific. Keynote speaker, Professor Geoff Scott, engaged Conference attendees on the topic of 'Successful quality management and change leadership in 21st century higher education'.

Conference programme

1 May 2013 conference programme

Links to related topics

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Higher Education Standards (Australia)

Office for Learning and Teaching - Details about the Learning and Teaching Standards project referenced can be found on the University of Western Sydney website.

Academic Integrity at The University of Auckland.(Note: the online course mentioned in this discussion session is accessible only to staff and students of The University of Auckland).

Conference photos (photography by Laura Goudie)

Group photo - conference attendees AQA Conference group photo

Professor Geoff Scott - keynote presentation
Professor Geoff Scott - Keynote

Professor Geoff Scott - discussion session
Professor Geoff Scott - discussion session

Dr David Mackay, Chair of AQA
Dr David Mackay speaking

Conference attendees (1)
AQA conference audience 1

Conference attendees (2)
AQA conference audience 2

Conference attendees (3)
AQA Conference audience 3