AQA Support for Quality Conference 2014

On 10 September 2014, AQA held its second 'Support for Quality' Conference in Wellington. Preceded by a half-day forum for Pacific attendees, the Conference included presentations and discussion sessions spanning a wide range of topics under the overarching theme of "Challenges and Innovations in Internal Quality Assurance". The day was attended by approximately 50 colleagues from New Zealand and the Pacific. Keynote speaker, Dr Sara Booth, of the University of Tasmania, engaged Conference attendees on the topic of 'Benchmarking for Quality'.

Conference programme

10 September 2014 conference programme

Links to related topics/discussed resources

If conference attendees would like to continue discussions with Dr Peter Coolbear (Ako Aotearoa) and/or Dr Sara Booth (University of Tasmania) regarding the network or project ideas discussed during the day, please email them: p (dot) coolbear (at) or sara (dot) booth (at) 

University of Tasmania benchmarking policies, procedures and activities

National External Peer Review of Assessment Network

Ako Aotearoa/NZQA self-assessment case studies (including Otago Polytechnic example)

Ako Aotearoa National Project Fund

Office for Learning and Teaching (Australia)

AQA Cycle 5 Academic Audit Framework

Conference photos (photography by Jesse Loe)

Dr Sara Booth, University of Tasmania - Keynote Speaker (Benchmarking for Quality):

SQF 2014 photo 1

SFQ 2014 photo 2

SQF 2014 photo 3

Workshop activities and discussion sessions:

SFQ 2014 photo 4

SFQ 2014 photo 5


SFQ 2014 photo 7

Margaret Morgan, Director, Quality Advancement at the University of Otago:

SFQ 2014 photo 8

Dr Peter Coolbear, Director, Ako Aotearoa:

SFQ 2014 photo 10

Michèle Stanton (AQA Board member) and Dr Jan Cameron (AQA Director) cutting a cake to acknowledge 20 years since AQA (previously NZUAAU) commenced operations:

SFQ 2014 photo 11


SFQ 2014 photo 12

Cake by Cake Day, Wellington.

SFQ 2014 photo 8